Making Friends on Earth

SAME shares an idea that we have a lot in common. We connect from all around the Earth to discover a deep connection to all living world while growing creative projects and communities together. Why? It’s so easy to grow together.

The journey to 195+ members...

Connecting without borders. All countries and cultures.

Who will be your friends?

Humans wearing many hats.

Creator @ Colombia, Argentina

Imaginator @ Lithuania, Ireland

Conscious Governance Facilitator @ France

Musician, Illustrator @ Sakha Republic, United Kingdom

Musician, Synergetician @ Germany

Artist, Musician @ Mexico

Musician, Data Scientist @ UK

Circular Economy Supporter @ South Africa

Dancer @ Ireland & Venezuela

Healer, Photographer @ US

Artist, Illustrator @ Argentina

Social Architect @ Canada

Community Builder @ Brasil

Cosmolocalist @ South Africa

Writer, Ark Creator @ Ireland, Belgium

Illustrator, Childrens Playworker @ UK

Artist Cooperative Creator @ Mexico

Creative Retreat Space Creator @ US

Portal to the New Earth Creator @ US

Composer, Cultural Heritage Centre Creator @ Kenya

Community Manifesto


Biomimicry applied for community development.

We copy nature

At the core of what we do is applying natural ways of being for spontaneous cooperation among our members.

Sharing is natural

We believe that small interactions matter. Chats 1:1 bond the community.

We're all the same.

The world is so divided. Why so? If we look into nature, we soon realise that we’re all the same at the fundamental level! So, we decided to make this simple idea of same-ness and togetherness spread. We started a SAME community to help each other grow creative projects across disciplines and cultures.


Design Science Studio

Instincto Creador



Let's explore nature, together

Nature inspires us to create projects and communities.


Observing natural patterns and mimicking nature through design.

Spiritual Ecology

Cultivating a deeper connection to all living world.

Etno Mythologies

Getting inspired by the old traditions.

Living Systems Philosophy

Questioning and discovering links between all life.


Exploring general principles of how nature works.








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